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DetainThis said...

I was referred by a comment on one of my many rants against AP & Co.

I am impressed with the scholarship and attention to detail with which you expose media disinfo and state-sponsored political myths.

My blogroll is now officially anti-empire-heavy!

michael korn said...

consider this:

for every dollar created by the FED, they receive an equivalent amount of interest bearing T-bills as collateral.

if T-bills pay say 5%, this means that all the percentage increase in GNP per year is absorbed (stolen) by the FED.

and with compounded interest rates, the hijacking of our economy proceeds apace each and every year.

america is not a country. it is a corporation owned by private international bankers who fleece the public with usury.

Jere L Hough said...

Re Your article entitled:

LaRouche: A nuanced and expert Disinformationist or merely Uber Alles? November 23, 2008

My vote is uber alles. Although at times I've wondered. LaRouche is tough to wrap one's head around.

You asked, in addition to the title question:

"I'd like to know why abolishing the “money as debt” paradigm that is legally implemented by the Federal Reserve System, isn't Lyndon LaRouche's overarching, coherent, and very first-order solution?"

Before addressing the questions, I'd like to comment that your posts reveal an extraordinary level of acumen, scholarship, and dedicated research into the global monetary crisis. I have done similar research and reached conclusions similar to yours, Ellen H Brown, and Stephen Zarlenga.

What remains, it seems to me, is the giant "dancing elephant" in the room - the question on how to achieve real money reform before the entire system collapses, and the solutions are all imposed from the top down, in a form of economic totalitarianism, or fascism.

It seems to me that LaRouche does comprehend the "money as debt" or "Web of Debt" money reform proposals. His total global bankruptcy reorganization seems to be his solution on how to achieve a more just and equitable money and credit system.

I quote:

"A Statement of True Franklin Roosevelt Policy from Lyndon LaRouche

Lyndon LaRouche made the following remarks to a private luncheon meeting in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 19, one day after his international webcast.

The most important thing is a clear understanding of where we stand. We have two issues: You have the issue of what the U.S. policy is going to be. I don't think the U.S. knows what its policy is going to be. There may be people in the incumbent government, and that which is about to be incumbent, who may respectively have ideas about what they're going to do, but I don't think any of them knows what they're actually going to do. They may have ideas which they think they're going to have, but that's going to change because the circumstances are going to change in a very shocking way.

We're leaving an administration which is totally bankrupt. It's created a greater mess than any U.S. Presidency in recent record. The situation's almost hopeless. We're now in the terminal phase of the existing international monetary system: This monetary system will not exist much longer. I'm talking about weeks, as a probable case. You probably will have, as of the middle of January, you might have a peep out of France from the President of France; so far, I don't think he's made up his mind exactly what he's going to do, but he might do something. Otherwise, from Western and Central Europe, you can't expect much of an initiative. You certainly will not get anything useful out of the United Kingdom at this time.

What is probable, and what is possible--but it's a big question mark--is, what is going to happen with the incoming administration in the United States. It's a very complicated question. Because there are deals, there are interests, there are arrangements, and I don't think any of these plans are going to work. I think this is a period in which most of the plans that people are making in government are going to fail, because the system is going to change very rapidly, and very profoundly.

We are in the end-phase of a general breakdown crisis, of the international monetary system. There has been nothing comparable to this in European history, since the 14th-century new dark age. We are going to have a total collapse of the system.


The rest of the article is worth reading, I think, as it goes into what he considers "global bankruptcy reorganization".

I still have trouble comprehending exactly how this GBR would come about, who would be the "receiver" and how it would all take place.

What I seem to be hearing from LaRouche is that he should be made the "Reorganization Czar". Maybe he should, but I don't see it happening.

The Hamilton praise is more of a puzzle, unless he is crediting him for wanting to establish a central banking system, separate from that of England.

I've gotten tons of good information and insights from LaRouche, but don't agree with his take on all things.

My bottom line is that I think he is focusing on a larger picture than just money reform. He is looking at the entire cabal of British Imperial "Illuminati" about which Quiqley, Sutton, Skousen, and others have written.

Keep asking those good questions, and even better, finding the good answers. However, I have the uneasy feeling that it will be future generations that will have to enact or enable the needed changes.



Jere L Hough said...

As a PS to my first comment I refer you to the following link, Rules for Survival, by LaRouche.

DetainThis said...

Good evening, Zahir.

RE: The final pretexts for Palestinian Population Transfer in the making! December 29, 2008,

Scathing indictment. Highly plausible — more so than just simply electioneering or "deterrence." Indeed, the historical context is perhaps the most damagingly omitted aspect of media "coverage" of the "conflict" — especially as that omission handicaps the ability of readers to adequately surmise the true political goals of the Leviathan States.

Your work is exceptionally deep; your deductions, eloquently expressed. I certainly don't frequent this site nearly enough. That shall change.

Peace and wellness always,
Dan Alba

Metalico said...

Hello from Mexico, very very good blog. I'm searching the doomsday code ( in spanish but it appears is not translated, nor any other language, if one from you can help me to translate it, my english is not good but with a text transcription I will be able to translate. My mail is if somebody wants and can help me with this, because I consider very dangerous some people want to become real the horror from book of Revelations and many people who speak spanish would know about this. Thank you!

Lars Osterman said...


I am not sure this is the right place to present these questions - but well, that remains to be seen.

Anyway, has there been any updates or developments since you wrote the article "Money Reform: Who will bell the Cat" ?

Is there any real political action against the money masters being done anywhere in the world? (That is well funded action - not just dreams hopes or hallucinations..)

Cheers !

karen said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Zaheer, Thank you for a very informative website, it looks like a lot of hard work has gone into it, as well as knowledge. Please allow me to say that intelligent Muslim voices in the English speaking world are very much needed and much appreciated by those who feel their din has been, as you rightly point out, hijacked. Whilst countries the world over have been complicit in the final throws of a morally decrepit, nefarious and crumbling empire, I would like to add that in order to fully understand the ideology; its political, and psych-spiritual underpinnings need to be explored. One of those very important underpinnings is the so-called spirituality it espouses which is a mixture of Eugenics and Theosophy. Whilst the British Raj was starving ordinary natives (world's first 'Arbeit Macht Frei' camps) in the Victorian era, at home their Mrs-es were indulging in Channeling Skrying Necromancy Tarot and other occult practices.

They created occult societies of which the Theosophists were but one with HP (Hahn) Blavatsky....please look into the shenanigans in India and who was supporting her heavily from amongst the house negroes there. She passed the baton of the society to Annie Besant, she of the Indian Home rule agitation on one hand and on the other protecting a prominent paedophile named CW Leadbeater who fled both England and Australia because of his disgusting proclivities. Ever wonder why their new 'Christ' Maitreya Alcyone (All See One) AKA Jiddhu Krishnamurti jumped ship from the promise of being the world leader of Theosophy.....his father had to take Annie Besant to court to get his 2 sons back out of the clutches of these deviants....
Long story quite abridged is that this occult society has morphed together with eugenics pseudo-science and is the 'religion' behind the UN NWO which is very much behind the huge very current problem of paedophile politicians. lawyers, judges, celebrities in the UK and in other western power houses like France, Germany, Belgium...USA. Depopulate and Conquer. From a very diss-genic admirer of other useless eaters everywhere with compassion

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