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Anonymous said...

I could not agree more. The author has penned the sentiments of every Pakistani who is neither of the elite class or the wretched poor. The poor devil who utterly frustrated and sickened to the soul with the status quo of the country since it's inception has probably left for comparatively greener pastures, a very long time ago. Worse, every miserable leader Pakistan has had the misfortune of enduring, has been nothing more than a crony of every successive US administration. Pakistanis seemed to have learnt nothing from betting on the wrong horse decade after decade. While Indians cleverly wiped out every trace of the British Raj from all their institutions and remained averse to US overtures- to their benefit, Pakistanis to date remain a servile nation, gratuitously clutching to remnants of a British system that benefited the rich and affluent, but did nothing positive or constructive for the country or the poor. Held in nothing but contempt for centuries, the exiting Muslims of India who populated the various regions of Pakistan, still don’t get it. If ever there was a nation which was in dire need for a thorough change of blood right down to the very soul of the nation– Pakistan beggars to be that candidate. Given the obvious resistance from wealthy Pakistanis, change will have to be sudden, by force and very bloody. Or else, Pakistanis should then be resigned to a fate similar to Iraq or Afghanistan, ruled by proxy by the lunatic ape in the White House, who will be as sensitive to death, destruction and misery he was in the case of Iraq and Afghanistan. Pakistanis have to shrug this stars and stripes bloodsucking monkey off its back and use their sense of dignity and self-respect to fuel this change – if they have any dignity, shame and self-respect left.

Anonymous said...

Dear people of the Humanbeingsfirst project,

I just wanted to leave a short message, saying hi and letting you know how much I appreciate the groundbreaking work you're doing.

It always warms my heart to find another site like yours. There are so, so many already -- and more seems to be popping up daily.

Despite all the horrifying aspects of what has happened, I'm seeing a great promise in this process as a whole. I truly believe people are waking up, willing to make a real, fundamental change that can really change the course of mankind.

Take care!

- Jyri
e-mail: jyri (at) olotila (dot) net

Jere said...

Greetings Friend,

I am astonished, in a happy-happy way, to discover such website.! :) I'm also happy to add my complete endorsement to the dozen or so essays and articles by you (Mr. Zahir Ebrahim) I've read over the past several days.

I've been writing similar essays and articles for many years, and have already read or seen about 3/4 of the books, articles, videos and websites referenced in his very complete bibliography, including Smedley Butler, Orwell, Hayek, Rothbard, Quiqley, Griffin, Greider, Korten, Perkins, Sutton, Mullins, Von Mises, and more. I have made this a personal (non-academic) quest for decades.

It is sad that such a magnificent treasure-trove of high caliber analysis and information is not yet bursting at the seams with activity.

I am a money reform activist, retired teacher and interfaith religious scholar, among many other ways I might define myself.

I consider the coming global New World Economic and Political Order to be the gravest threat mankind have ever faced, and have been wrestling with the problem of how an ordinary citizen can best go about playing a modern "Paul Revere". Only now it is the NWO that is coming.

There is one thing of which I am certain: the world is in dire need of money reform now. All other human socio-economic problems arise or are aggravated by the immense disparity of wealth and power between the super-rich and "the rest of us" - "we the people". More specifically, it is the abuse of this money-power in the form of the private bankster's unaccountable power to create debt-money out of nothing that is the cause of most of the worst of the suffering in our world.

If this imbalance of money-power is not addressed and massively resisted it will consume us, and consign the many as indentured servants to the few money-masters.

Jesus drove out the money-changers (banksters) for a reason that is becoming clearer with time and a shrinking world.

We are not governed by ourselves, or duly elected representatives. We are ruled from behind the scenes by money despots who are criminals of the highest order - even psychopaths and sociopaths.

I differ with you (Mr Ebrahim) only on the question of solutions. I do not believe that fighting fire with fire, or force with like force, is the answer.

Jesus taught us that evil can only be overcome with good - the power of love.

The answer, I think, is in education and information - waking up the masses. Jefferson trusted an educated and informed public to make good choices, and I believe likewise.

I believe it is out job to find ways to peacefully resist this advancing NWO with education and information - websites, blogs, chain letters, while the internet is still an option. Pamphlets and community level meetings will also be needed.

People must be taught that all of the so-called "enemies" we think we have are, for the most part, invented. They are of the Orwellian mold.

The real enemies are always within, and this is true with persons, groups, states and nations and entire civilizations.

"What does it profit a man (or a nation) to gain the entire world, if he (it) loses his (it's) soul"?

"The Kingdom of God is within" said Jesus. That is where all of life's greatest battles are fought, and where they must be won or lost.

My best wishes for this project, human beings first. What a wonderful idea. I hope it catches on. :)

Jere L Hough
Kansas City, Mo

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

Not quite sure how I stumbled across this site. Googled over here while investigating some AP reporter, I think. Nevertheless, I've read some essays of startling truth, [which are] locomotive in their morality, and crystalline in their logical conclusion.

Simply, thank-you.

peter chamberlin said...

Excellent explanation, perhaps a few more might understand what we face just a little better.


Anonymous said...

greetings ~

i came upon this site while searching for info on francis boyle.

i stayed much longer than i expected to. happily so.

i am in agreement with your assessments of boyle/chomsky, and oligarchy.

thank you for making me feel so at home.

kind regards,

Anonymous said...

One of the most impressive works I have seen so far. I am with experimental Physics background and have traveled a lot with a critical approach of the events happening. I was able to make analysis of the differing-layers in the different social engineering projects from Sumerian Nimrod's Empire to the contemporary empires. I had given these phenomena my own names and interpretations for the lack of sociological terminologies as I never had social science background. The conclusions that i had drawn had been given my own names too. But I could not associate academically the actual 'names in the game' of the mechanism of social engineering of creating confusion. The name I was looking for was 'Hegelian dialectics'. Thanks for providing me with the academic name for mechanism of 'confusion creation' and 'deception' in modern social engineering projects. These projects of social engg., I can assure you, are taken from the books of ancient social engineers that built empires since the time immemorial!

I think you should talk more about that connection and the people like 'chankya', the advisor for ashoka, and mechaivalli but anyways.
Thanks and regards,

Anonymous said...

I want to say that this is probably the best site that I have come across. The author expresses himself very clearly, decisively, DIRECTLY and provides such clear - not to mention eloquent way and manner in which he is gifted in being able to get his point across. I have to use a dictionary in order to understand some of his particular usuages of words, however, they are right on in conveying his point. I am VERY GRATEFUL that this individual has taken so much time to clarify so many things. Finally, an individual that is highly capable of telling it like it is. I'm not done reading everything, or all that he has refered to, but I continue to plow thru it. Unfortunately I get mighty angry and sad about the whole state of things, depending on what I'm focusing on, yet it - this material certainly EXPLAINS A LOT. So, thank you. I'm getting a well welcomed attitude and perceptive adjustment regarding a number of things. Very appreciative of all of the work that you have poured into this from the bottom of your heart. With genuine sincerity, Alena

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